India Vs New Zealand Full Scorecard T20 World Cup 2016

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So the Super 10s are off to a great commencement. Many tagged India as favourites, especially with them playing at home. A turning track was just what they wanted. Dhoni actually was not unhappy to lose the toss because he knew that his spinners could bowl without the dew taking full effect. But unfortunately for him and his side.

Mitchell Santner is the Man of the Match.

"There was a bit of spin out there. The Indians bowled well to keep us to 126. We thought we were maybe below par, but the boys stuck at it and we are delighted with the win. We knew it was going to be tough. Jadeja was really spinning it there. Starting a partnership was hard. We wanted to get to 130-140 and in the end 126 proved to be enough. I just tried to hit that hard length and kept it very simple."

ICC World T20 2016: India vs New Zealand Live Cricket Scorecard 

NZ Inns 126-7 (20 ov)
MJ Guptill
lbw b R Ashwin
KS Williamson [C]
st MS Dhoni b SK Raina
C Munro
c HH Pandya b A Nehra
CJ Anderson
b JJ Bumrah
LRPL Taylor
run out
MJ Santner
c MS Dhoni b RA Jadeja
GD Elliott
run out
L Ronchi [WK]
not out
NL McCullum
not out
AF Milne
IS Sodhi
Extras4 b, 3 lb, 6 w
Total (7 wickets, 20 OVERS)126 Runs
Fall of Wickets: 1 - 6 (MJ Guptill, 0.2 Ov ), 2 - 13 (C Munro, 1.3 Ov ), 3 - 35 (KS Williamson, 6.5 Ov ), 4 - 61(LRPL Taylor, 11.3 Ov ), 5 - 89 (CJ Anderson, 15.4 Ov ), 6 - 98 (MJ Santner, 16.4 Ov ), 7 - 114 (GD Elliott, 19.3 Ov )
India Bowling
R Ashwin40321-
A Nehra31201-
JJ Bumrah40151-
SK Raina40161-
RA Jadeja402614-
HH Pandya101001-
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Ind Inns 79 (18.1 ov)
RG Sharma
st L Ronchi b MJ Santner
S Dhawan
lbw b NL McCullum
V Kohli
c L Ronchi b IS Sodhi
SK Raina
c MJ Guptill b MJ Santner
Yuvraj Singh
c NL McCullum b NL McCullum
MS Dhoni [C]
c NL McCullum b MJ Santner
HH Pandya
lbw b MJ Santner
RA Jadeja
c IS Sodhi b IS Sodhi
R Ashwin
st L Ronchi b IS Sodhi
A Nehra
b AF Milne
JJ Bumrah
not out
Extras3 w, 1 nb
Total (10 wickets, 18.1 OVERS)79 Runs
1 - 5 (S Dhawan, 0.5 Ov ), 2 - 10 (RG Sharma, 2.2 Ov ), 3 - 12 (SK Raina, 2.5 Ov ), 4 - 26 (Yuvraj Singh, 4.5 Ov ), 5 - 39 (V Kohli, 8.1 Ov ), 6 - 42 (HH Pandya, 9.4 Ov ), 7 - 43 (RA Jadeja, 10.2 Ov ), 8 - 73 (R Ashwin, 16.3 Ov ), 9 - 79 (MS Dhoni, 17.4 Ov ), 10 - 79 (A Nehra, 18.1 Ov )
New Zealand Bowling
NL McCullum30152-
CJ Anderson30180-
MJ Santner40114-
GD Elliott20901-
AF Milne2.10811
IS Sodhi401832-


Dhoni: "It was a low-scoring wicket. We restricted them to a good total, but it was the batting that let us down. There were quite a few soft dismissals. The shot selection put a lot of pressure on the batsmen who were coming in. They bowled well, but at the same time I felt we lacked a bit of adaptability. We are quite used to playing in these conditions. I feel 126 was a decent score, but it was the batting that let us down. I think my thumb will be fine for the next match (smiles, when asked about the blow he got while keeping wickets)."

Williamson: "Very pleased with the win. It was a tough surface. We would have probably liked a few more, but the boys bowled really well and it is pleasing to win against a quality side. We said we wanted to be aggressive at the start with the bat. It was tough to leave out both Southee and Boult. We looked to adapt to these conditions. The spinners paid off today. The wicket spun a lot. The best way to take wickets was to bowl our best balls and be really patient."

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